The Demise of Robert’s Rules of Order

Hi Bill,
I’ve heard you say that Robert’s Rules are dead.  What are some of the factors that has led to its demise?
Making disciples,

From Bill Easum
Roberts Rules were designed for people who don’t trust one another or who can’t relate to one another in an orderly, loving fashion.
If the church is seen as a corporation then […]

The Long Game

One of the most frustrating realities about a turnaround is that it takes more time to get ready for a successful turnaround than it does to grow a church. 

Let me explain.

There are Several Ways to Grow a Church

Give me a big enough budget and I can fill your church I don’t care how many […]

Barriers to Effective Leadership Teams Part 3

For the week of March 21, 2005

Barriers to Effective Leadership Teams Part 3: The Lack of Trust

By: John Laster

There are three common, interrelated barriers to more effective leadership teams: the absence of a shared DNA, the presence of fear, and a lack of trust within the team itself.

Lack of trust among leadership team members […]

Cousins, Don, Experiencing Leadership

Experiencing LeaderShift is for the 92% of pastors who score low on the gift of leadership. You read that correctly-92% of all pastors don’t have the gift of leadership as their primary gift. So how does one lead a church without a strong gift of leadership?

LeaderShift by Don Cousins is the answer. He takes […]

Leadership Alone is Not Enough

By: Bruce Cole

New Hope Christian Fellowship’s Wayne Cordeiro teaches leaders, “Leadership alone is not enough to take our churches into what God has for us. It must be linked with the word “spiritual.” Here’s a simple way to make sure you’re keeping “spiritual” linked to your leadership: the next time you interact with another leader […]

Spiritual Leadership

Today’s environment requires leaders to be spiritual directors rather than teachers or CEO’s.

Being a spiritual director is different from being a teacher. Teachers impart knowledge to their students. Spiritual directors walk with fellow travelers on their personal journey of experiencing God, not to impart knowledge, but to assist the traveler in their own discovery […]

The Benedictine Rule of Leadership

Craig Galbraith, Oliver Galbraith

This book contains classic management secrets that anyone in leadership will benefit from.  The Rule contained the first complete management system in the Western world. The beauty of The Rule is that it has withstood the test of time and is as valid today as it was fifteen centuries ago.

As a […]

Leadership: Burden or Blessing?

For the week of February 28, 2005

Leadership: Burden or Blessing?

By: John Laster

There is significant instability, lack of focus, and an absence of trust and joy in the majority of congregational leadership teams today.

Make an opportunity soon to examine perceptions of your team’s dynamics. It can take some time to lay the groundwork of trust […]

Beyond the Box Leadership;

by Bill Easum

“You have heard it said . . . , but I say . . . ”
–Jesus of Nazareth

You have heard it said, “Think outside of the box!” But instead, I ask you to consider this: “It’s time to see beyond the box.”

At a time when many churches are just beginning to try to think […]