More on Leadership

Following up on my last post, I want to consider further the importance of conviction for effective leadership. Consider this quote from Martin Luther: “Here I stand. I can do no otherwise. God help me.” Or what do you think allowed Nelson Mandela to give hope to the people from his confinement?  Or what […]

The Leadership Process

Every time a leader goes through a church barrier, three changes have to take place in the leader’s life:

Developing a new skill set
Changing his or her value system
Changing the way he or she spends their time.

My partner and I wrote extensively about these three changes in our new book, Effective Staffing for Vital […]

The Needs of the One: The Awkward Balance of Ministry and Leadership

Without apologies, I’m a bit of a Trek fan … both the bicycle kind and the sci-fi kind. Most of the time I indulge my Trekness for pure fun and escape; however, I’m a believer that if you keep your eyes open there’s something to be learned in and from almost everything.

And so, it […]

Leadership Multiplication

I’m constantly asked what it takes to raise up more leaders or, to put it biblically, to make more mature disciples. And that’s good because leadership and discipleship multiplication are some of the most important ministries church leaders can undertake.  So I’m going to brush stroke the basics of a leadership culture. If you want […]

Role of Lay Leadership

The Key to Understanding Today’s World and the Role of the Church

 Two metaphors will guide us – The National Park and The Jungle.  Everyone born before 1980 was born in the National Park world.  Everyone born after that was born into The Jungle.  Here are the differences:

The National Park

•        Is neatly laid out

•        Predictable […]

Managerial Aspects of Leadership

By Bill Easum

Being the pastor of a church requires many things not taught in seminary. One of those things not taught is the managerial aspects of leadership. Whereas leaders look outward to the future, managers look inward to the moment.

In a small church the pastor has to be both manager and leader if the […]

Beyond the Box Leadership;

by Bill Easum

“You have heard it said . . . , but I say . . . ”
–Jesus of Nazareth

You have heard it said, “Think outside of the box!” But instead, I ask you to consider this: “It’s time to see beyond the box.”

At a time when many churches are just beginning to try to think […]

Leadership Roles

Confusion frequently abounds regarding the functional role of the official Leadership Team of the congregation. Congregations and leaders themselves seldom seriously consider the diversity of expectations surrounding the roles of church leadership. Think about the different perspectives present within a congregation regarding how leaders, whether that be the elders, council, pastor, session, board, or […]

Working Around the Pareto Leadership Principle

One of the most frequent concerns we hear, when working with congregational transformation, is “We don’t have enough people to do all the ministries.” Interestingly, when we investigate, we’ll hear these same words from both staff and volunteers – as well as from church members who are only marginally involved.

Using the Pareto Principle as […]

Shared Congregational Leadership Doesn’t Work

Recently, I received an email from a member of our Advanced Leadership forum asking an excellent question that many pastors ask. Here it is.

“I just received George Barna’s latest e-news where he has an article ’30 Respected Leaders Weigh in on What It Takes to be a Master Leader.’ I want to shift the focus from […]