Since you’re one of my network and regular readers, I wanted to remind you about the National Outreach Convention in November in San Diego. It is one of the largest gatherings each year, with a single focus – how do we reach more with the message of the gospel? Now more than ever, outreach is a critical area on which every smart church leader is focused. The opportunity to connect with the un-churched is unprecedented as people search for truth, desperate for good news and hope.

The “NOC” is known for providing practical, powerful and innovative teaching. You can learn from leading churches in numerous outreach areas: assimilation, community transformation, church planting, multi-ethnic outreach, ideation, digital strategies, social media and many more. Take a few minutes to read about all the sessions available at

Presented by Outreach Magazine, this is one gathering you should strongly consider adding to your calendar for 2010. You will leave with new ideas, inspiration, and focus for effective outreach in your own community. Bring your team and use it as a strategic planning and vision-casting opportunity. Make use of the networking, the online community with conversations between leaders just like you, discussion groups, book signings, and a huge exhibit hall with all the latest resources and tools in various areas of ministry. It’s a 3-day experience that will powerfully impact your ministry – I know, because I’ve been there!

This year, I am presenting a session entitled “Leadership in a Wild Card World.”

My topics include:

The Cultural and Economic Wild Cards Affecting Ministry
How to Be Proactive in a World Gone Mad
Achieving More Ministry With Less Money
Sharing Faith with Ozzy in the Jungle
Outreach that Works

See you in November.

Bill Easum