I wish Untamed had been Alan Hirsch’s first book. It would have eliminated some of people’s misunderstanding of his message – namely, the question of whether he believes at all in the institutional church. After reading this book, there is no doubt – he does believe in the institutional church, just not the way most institutional churches live out their faith.More on UntamedThis book destroys any sentimental, sterile, sweet, nice, domesticated view of Jesus and the church.  He challenges most of the practices of modern-day Christians and congregations. He re-introduces us to the wild, untamed, radical Jesus we all are supposed to be like. He and his wife challenge us to live a reckless life worth telling stories about. They ask us to “abandon the domesticated faith of suburban consumer Churchianity in order to live a life of risk for the love of a savior….”

This book will rock the very core of a safe, consumer-oriented faith. If you can read this book without feeling uncomfortable and without being moved to make some changes in your life and ministry, something is radically wrong with you.

Grab a copy now and watch it change your life.

Question: What other life-altering books have you read lately? Share your favorites in the Comments section below.

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