When I was a kid, I used to like to put model airplanes together. Revell made all sorts of great models, but I loved the aircraft. I built a Mustang, a P38, and a number of others. I even tried my hands at building an aircraft carrier so I could build the accompanying aircraft. Now, remember, I’m ADHD and those of you who can relate will understand that my models never quite measured up to the 1:72 “realistic” scale that other model builders achieve. Parts didn’t quite fit much of the time, so if the part wouldn’t really show I’d not bother putting it on (I mean, who looks at the engine in an airplane model anyway?). And paint? Why paint when you can cover any defects with decals! In the end, my completed projects never quite looked right and eventually I gave up and quit.

When a model is complete, it’s meant to look like the original. It may be smaller, but a single glance should be enough to tell what kind of airplane, car, ship, or person the model represents. Modeling our lives to look like Jesus is the key task of a Christian. When we’re done, we’re meant to look like the original and anyone seeing the replica (our lives) should be able to tell at a glance who we represent.

The problem is, sometimes we’re a bit ADHD, and when a piece of the model doesn’t seem to fit, we’re tempted to either not bother with it, or to cover it up with other activities hoping that these “decals” will hide the defects. But like my model aircraft, we’re not really fooling anyone … the model doesn’t look like the original and everybody can tell.

So, what parts of the model are you having the most trouble with? How’s your prayer life? Are you spending as much one-on-one time with God as you are with the television? How’s your Bible study life? How’s your faith-sharing practices? Are you sharing your faith a couple times a year? A couple times a month? A couple times a day? How’s your commitment to reaching the unchurched? How many unchurched friends (not acquaintances—friends) did you spend time with this week with the ultimate hope of being able to share your faith?

We all have model parts that don’t fit as well as others, but the fact is, if we’re going to be an authentic representation of Jesus, we can’t skip any parts and we can’t just cover them up hoping no one will notice. They will notice … and more importantly, you’ll notice.