By: Jeff Patton

Monday Morning Insights posted this “rant”.  I think it is worth the look (

“This is how Microsoft keeps going and growing into the world leader in computers… each time you see the word “company” think “church”.

1) Hire the Best People-(How many churches hire poorly and then really pay for it?  Hire the best people the first time by doing your homework and searching high and low for your next staff member)

2) Bet the Company’s Future On Big Opportunities -(That’s called ‘risk’… something many churches NEVER do!)

3) Expect People To Fail and Learn From Their Mistakes-(Many times, we don’t allow people to make mistakes; many times we don’t allow people enough authority and ownership to make mistakes.  I think it has something to do with #2 (our aversion to risk).)

4) Insure That Managers (staff) Can Do the Work of the People That Report To Them-(This goes to ‘competence’… again, hire well; hire competence… ministry should be a team effort; not a ‘that’s his area and I know nothing about it’ thing.)

5) Evaluate People Only On Their Recent Performance- (Boy, I see this often… when a staff person fails (see #3), he/she is doomed.  Forgive and give another chance.  Restore and encourage.  Allow for growth and encouragement.  You may be surprised what people can pull off!)

6) Spend Money Frugally-(Many churches are frugal because they have to be.  Others spend money like it’s going out of style.  Make sure your spending matches your vision and purpose… otherwise you might as well throw it out into the street)

7) Manage A Large Company Like A Collection of Small, Independent Companies (churches) -(I think we’re starting to see this happen more these days.)

8) Know What Is Actually Going On In the Company-(Again, ministry is a team thing… be sure you know what’s happening in other areas, not just your own.)

9) Establish An “Esprit De Cour” (a spirit of cooperation) to Motivate People To Superior Performance-(Isn’t this biblical?)

10) Never Make Your Employees Put Up with Stupid Rules-(Ook… be honest… does your church have any stupid rules?  Why?)

11) Create an Office Atmosphere That’s Like a Home Away from Home- (People always work best when they’re comfortable.)

12) (a rule specific to Microsoft’s environment): Focus On Total World Domination-(OK… ‘world domination’ sounds a little strong; but in our ‘business’ it would be a great thing, wouldn’t it?  To see the church and Christ’s impact on the world increase would be awesome.) “

If I had a church office I would print this out and post it on every door.

Have a great week.

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