Over the past few days I have been asked about the value of mergers and splits within congregations. As usual, I have some strong feelings on these issues based on my desire to see the Kingdom grow even if it is at the expense of the congregation.


The Southern Baptists and other groups have proven that it is far better for the Kingdom for groups to split instead of staying together when things get to the point that everyone is fighting each other over things that really don’t matter to the Kingdom such as worship styles, personality conflicts, pastoral styles, etc. Rather than staying together and a developing sick, dysfunctional community that any yet to be reached person would want to be a part of, it is better for the parties to separate and go there own ways and develop and healthy environment that will be welcoming to newcomers.

There is also enough data in to know that most mergers result in fewer people two years down the road. Unless, both congregations sell their property, purchase a new site, and change the name. (No hyphenated names please).

Every denominational merger has resulted in less people and a watered down faith. To merge, everyone has to compromise. There is nothing worse than a compromised faith. For more on mergers, see the FAQS section of our website.