Here are five quick tips about empowerment.

1. What do I see in the other person that they have not seen in themselves? — This is the beginning of switching from “What do I do?” and “What is my job?” to “Who will I discover?” and “Who will I mentor?”

2. How do I help this other person see this gift or skill for themselves?

3. What resources do I need to give this person in order to put this gift or skill into action within the life of the Body?
— This is where the mentor needs to know the terrain of possibilities that are already available.

4. What barriers are in the way of this person exercising his/her gifts or skills?
— These barriers are often organizational issues. It is up to the leader to see that any barrier possible is removed. “My role is to pave the way for easy access to ministry.”

5. Am I releasing and coaching this person timely and adequately?
— “I’m here for you when you need me.”