This Christmas I was introduced to the Pentatonixs (I know you probably knew about them earlier). What a great singing group, especially in a world where most music is slightly better than noise!

But it gets better. Have you heard their song “Mary did you know?” It’s one of the most beautiful and theologically sound songs of the season. If you haven’t heard it it’s worth downloading. Go get it and bask in the Gospel.
Then follow it up with their version of hallelujah and your Christmas will be complete. In fact, you might want to get all of their albums.

Anyway, Merry Christmas from all of us at effective church group. May this be your best Christmas yet as you bask in the glory of the Son.

Bill Easum
Bill Tenny-Brittian
Scott Musselman
Kris Tenny-Brittian
Susan Mallett