Wheatley, Margaret A Simpler Way

Those who have read Wheatley’s earlier book, Leadership and the New Science,” will benefit the most from this book. It is one of those rare books that lends itself to small group study because of the variety of meaning people will glean from it. A marvelous tool for small group sharing as well as a road map to the future.

It will clearly shows any church of any size how to organize, and it will take the mystery out of organization. In a nutshell, it says, once you discover your organization’s identity and focus on it, self-organization will take place because everything, even life, exists to organize. I give this book three stars. I would give it four except it is very expensive and very small.

How would the advice found in A Simpler Way work in a church? Simple. Discover the purpose of the church, focus on it, and organization will happen naturally. I am convinced that every church must have the same purpose – to be and to make disciples of Jesus Christ. I am convinced this always means the end of the “meetings syndrome” because meetings never produce disciples.Each church may choose to carry out this purpose in a different way. However, few churches see being and making disciples as the purpose of the church.