There are a few myths I keep running into that I feel are hurting churches’ chances of reaching the unreached population in the US. So I thought I would share five of the biggest myths I’ve heard lately.

Looking for Myth Busters

  • Myth One: An acoustic service is a great way to reach new people.  The fact is that normally, the only people it reaches are the few people who decide to do it.  Acoustic services remain small due to their design and function. I’ve yet to find a church with an acoustic service over 100 on a regular basis.  If you know of one, be a myth buster and respond.
  • Myth Two: A service at a time other than Sunday will reach people.  The truth is, the most you will get any other day but Sunday is a measly 10% of what you have on Sunday morning.  When you see the big Friday night services you will see huge Sunday morning services. If you know of a place that gets significantly more than 10% of its Sunday crowd at some other day be a myth buster and respond.
  • Myth Three: All you have to do is start a contemporary service and the church will grow.  While it is true that starting another service is the best way to grow a church, it’s not true that just starting a contemporary service will cause the church to grow. People aren’t just looking for a contemporary service; they’re looking for a contemporary church.  If you know of a dead, unfriendly, self-centered, take-care-of-the-members-first church that started a contemporary service and the service exploded with growth, be a myth buster and respond.
  • Myth Four: If we build it, they will come.  This myth goes two ways. First, I’ve seen church after church build a Family Life Center (a fancy term for a Gym) and expect the youth to use it. Problem is, they will only allow the youth to use it when adults are present, so it just sits there empty. Second, the vast majority of churches build extra space without increasing their staff – and they wonder why they don’t grow! Folks, buildings don’t keep people.  A new worship center or location may bring in more people for 18 months, but later they’re gone because the church grew by 30% and never added staff.  If you know of a church that greatly enlarged its facilities without adding staff that grew significantly and maintained a large portion of that growth two years later, be a myth buster and respond.
  • Myth Five: If we only had more money.  Now I know you can’t do ministry without money.  But the truth is most of the ministries that grow a church don’t cost money. You know the best way to grow a church – inspire your people to invite their networks either to church or some “side door” activity where they rub shoulders with Christians.  That costs nothing.  If you know of a church that grows simply because it has the money to grow, be a myth buster and respond.

If you have any thoughts as to why people buy into myths without checking out the facts, be sure to share that with me.

Question: Want to be a destroyer of myths?  Let me know about the myths you feel are hurting the church. Send them to me at, or mention them in the Comments section below.

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