By: Jeff Patton
God’s mercies….God’s tenderness to us is known, it is all through the pages of the Bible. The life of Jesus is the example. God cares for us. Think about that. The God who created the universe and all that is in it, who made you and me, loves you! I know you tell others about that every day. I do, too. But personally, deep in our hearts, we harbor mistrust, past hurts and brokenness. Brokenness we don’t want anyone to know.

God’s mercies are new. These aren’t the old stale mercies. Mercies are new, fresh. These aren’t bargain basement, half price, and discounted mercies. These are new. These shoes have not been out of the box. They have never been worn. They are waiting for you, for you to place your feet in them. They have been made just for you, they are a perfect fit.

God’s mercies are new every morning! These mercies are new for today. These aren’t the mercies from last year or last week. These are the mercies God has given you for today: with today in mind; with the trial you have this morning; the jobs you have this afternoon; the meetings you have this evening; the visiting; the counseling; the administration of your tasks. God’s mercies are new. Is your walk with Jesus joyful or drudgery? An adventure or a funeral procession?

Last week I was deep in worship on Monday morning. The mercies were new. By Tuesday there was a different life situation for my family and me. I needed new mercies. In talking and praying with people far wiser than me, this verse was read. I needed these new mercies. I need them today. I need God’s mercy. You know what? You do, too.

So stop for a moment. Think about this…God’s mercies are new every morning. Enjoy the mercies of the Lord!