Everyone has a “to do” list.  Some folks are slaves to it, while others make one up and then quickly abandon it. And some are paranoid if they aren’t able to mark off every item by the end of the day. That’s all well and good, but in the end, it may not have any bearing on how effective or successful you are. There is a better way to ensure the growth of your church and your leaders.

We call it the “to be” list.  What in the world is a “to be” list? Well, it’s simple. A “to be” list is a list of individuals you are mentoring for future leadership. Our time with people is often more important than the time we spend on things, and most of us don’t spend enough time mentoring future leaders.

We’ve found that a “to be” list is best if it is kept to ten or less people.  Some highly effective overachievers can often handle more than ten, but the average person is wise to keep their list to ten. When someone is released to lead a ministry, you replace them on the list with another person.

Now we should be clear – a “to be” list is not for problem people or people who show no interest in growing.  You keep this list for people who interest you and show raw potential or have the ability to be a thoroughbred-type leader.

When I was a pastor, I encouraged my program staff to have their own “to be” lists as well. It’s amazing the difference it makes when more than one person is grooming individuals to become solid leaders in the future. Try it and see if in time you don’t replace your “to do” with a “to be” list.

Question: Have you used a “to be” list or something like it? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.