In our new book, Effective Staffing for Vital Churches, we write that all churches are missional or they aren’t a church.  Pastor and author Michael Slaughter fell in love with the book at that point.  Here is a brief excerpt from the book.

We believe every church is missional or it isn’t a church! But we use the word a bit differently than most of the books written on the Missional Church. We believe every true church is focused more on transforming the world than on building up its own membership. We subscribe more to the type of ministry seen in the Antioch church than to the ministry of Jerusalem church. The Antioch church was focused outward on the world whereas the Jerusalem church was more focused on itself and how to care for its people. We also believe churches that sit around waiting for people to come to them have stopped being a church and that a purely Attractional church has no validity on a mission field. Finally, we believe a church can be a church with or without a building. The church isn’t about buildings; it’s about people. So we reject the longstanding exercise taught children – “Here’s the church; here’s the steeple; look inside and see all the people.”

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