A recent comment about a local big box church (that’s successfully reaching, baptizing, and discipling young adults):

“They’ve given in to entertainment evangelism.”

… as if entertainment was a four-letter, distasteful, disgusting word.

If you’re going to reach young adults I’ve got three words for you:




Jesus specialized in entertainment evangelism. He told stories, AKA parables. He captured the imaginations of his audience and managed to slip in the good news of the gospel … and storytelling was the primary entertainment medium of his day.

Well, that and giving the Pharisees and Sadducees a really hard time to the great delight of the crowds …

We all learn best when our emotions are moved, touched, and inspired … and that happens best when the lessons are generously stirred into an entertainment format.

Make ’em laugh. Make ’em cry. Shock them. Delight them. In other words, entertain them. When you do, they’ll remember what you taught … and when they remember, there’s a pretty good chance they’ll embrace and implement.

And isn’t that what you’re trying to accomplish?