Do you remember the fight your church had when you added a drum kit to the sanctuary’s platform?

Well, that’s nothing compared to what’s coming.

Maybe you haven’t heard the news: As of 2019, Hip Hop is the number one selling music genre in the US … it surpassed rock-n-roll rather handily.

So, when will you be launching your new Hip Hop worship service?

I’m serious. It’s time to start planning it now because within the next five years, Hillsong will not only be so “yesterday,” it’ll stop reaching young adults (warning: it’s already losing its impact on young adults!).

I know, I know. You probably don’t like Hip Hop.


I don’t either. At least not much.

But is your church committed to reaching young adults or not? If not, keep singing Hillsong or depending on your pipe organ. And as you do, you can probably forecast the date of the church’s demise.

Or you can suck it up and figure out how and when you’re going to launch your next effective young adult worship service.

(BTW, you can read about the new genre’s rise to stardom here.)