It seems like every church campus I pass has a banner advertising their Vacation Bible School ministry. There are some new schedules I’m seeing this year … consecutive Saturdays, Sunday mornings, and one evening each week all summer.

Let me ask you a tough question: What is your goal for this year’s VBS?

No, not the number of kids, but what’s the point of doing VBS at all? What do you hope will happen as a result of your investment?

For most churches we’ve worked with, the response is something about evangelizing the neighborhood’s children.

Good. Excellent. Great plan.

And how’s that been workin’ for you?

Really. Over the past five years, how many baptisms have you done as a result of VBS? How many new families have become involved in your church as a byproduct of VBS?

If your results are like the VAST majority of churches in the US, the answer is




And if that’s your experience, what are you going to do this year that will change the result from dismal to incredible?

Or perhaps the better question is what are you going to instead of VBS to reach your community for Jesus?