How to Get Standing Room Only Crowd for Training

I was asking a DOM recently about doing a conference in his Association. His response was, “No one comes to training anymore.”

The email came at an odd time for me. I had just returned from my third trip to Shiloh Terrace Baptist in Dallas were we had to bring extra chairs in twice to […]

Parachurch planting Groups

Bill Easum

Several trans-denominational groups have begun church planting centers for the purpose of networking, developing and assisting church planters. The relationship of the organization to the planter is very different from that of the congregational-based center. Whereas the congregational-based center has a direct impact on the long-term coaching, the organizational based planting center often […]

Training Services

…been training churches and church leaders for decades, but we also understand that training only changes lives when training gets applied. That’s why the Effective Church Group offers training packages…


For the week of February 07, 2005


By: Tom Bandy

In most Congregational Mission Assessments, the most common failure in the system story of a growing, out-of-the-box church is that they are not rigorous and intentional enough training leaders. Perhaps they are too hasty to develop programs for increasing numbers of people; or perhaps they assume […]

Summer Priorities – Tip 7: Worship and Hospitality Team Training

Most clergy plan worship for the coming program year in the summer. That usually means anticipating the preaching cycle, focusing themes and preaching series, gathering resources for major celebrations, and delegating responsibilities for music and drama. The more resources you gather now, the easier implementation will be when life gets really busy.

But have you […]

Missionary Training Centers

For the week of August 01, 2005

Missionary Training Centers

By: Tom Bandy

Train your board, elders, or lay leaders with a different attitude this year. The church is not in the business of multiplying members, but of training missionaries. Worship is a reunion of missionaries for thanksgiving, upgraded training, and encouragement. The parking lot and the […]

Consultant Training

The Ministry Audit: Consultant Training I and II with Bill Easum.
Resource: The Church Growth Handbook and The Complete Ministry Audit, available from EBA or Abingdon Press. These seminars equip church leaders to apply The Complete Ministry Audit to any congregation. Consultant Training I and II are two of our most productive equipping models. Both […]

Hard Times Are a Leader’s Training School Paradise

In difficult times, churches have a tendency to clap shut their shutters, hide their money under mattresses, and delay anything that might be innovative and new – especially if it costs more than a nickle. Okay, so I exaggerate. A little. But the reality is that when the economy or the political winds turn […]

Of Coaches, Consultants, and Pooled Ignorance

It happened again recently. I was in a large group of mainline church leaders who professed their interest in church transformation. We were all milling around the room waiting for the convener to launch the meeting, and the conversation was pensive. Then the “transformational church leader” stood up, thanked us for coming, and said, […]