The Five Bare Minimums of Church Growth

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of pastors and congregations who claimed they were ready to grow their churches. I’d love to tell you that virtually all of these congregations flourished, but the truth is, that’s rarely the case. The fact is, most churches fail to grow because they miss out on […]

Career or Call (from 21st Century Strategies for Church Growth)

In the introduction of 21st Century Strategies for Church Growth, my primary purpose is helping a pastor decide whether or not they can handle the heat in the kitchen of church growth. The following excerpt challenges each reader to question themselves about why they’re in ministry in the first place. It comes across as […]

What Every Pastor Should Know about Church Growth

“I just didn’t think it would happen to me.” Those words played hide and seek in my head while I listened to his all-too-common story. Kenneth’s first call to a church had started pretty well. He’d heeded the advice of his seminary professors and spent his first year just “loving on” his congregation and […]

Does Jesus Believe in Church Growth?

The term “church growth” means all sorts of things to different people.  Some see no problem whatsoever.  Others find it to be controversial.

The question that defines it for me is?  Do your pews or seats look like this image on a Sunday morning?

Somewhere between 15 and 20% of Americans will worship as Christians this […]

The Church Growth Movement Revisited

The church growth movement has taken a bad rap the past decade. Many unfair comments have been made in an attempt to either discredit it or make it obsolete. I’m sure there are many reasons for the attempts to either discredit or make the movement obsolete. At worst the attempts were the acts of […]

Disciple Making = Church Growth?

Recently a troll caught one of our posts about radical disciple making and took it out for an attempted thrashing. To be honest, I get amused when someone takes us to task because we’re so focused on church growth. “It’s all about the numbers for you guys” as if that’s some sort of an […]

Church Growth Failure

Some of you may remember the Church Growth Movement of the sixties and seventies. Great leaders such as Donald McGavran and Win Arn led the movement and soon every church in town was running programs like Bring a Friend Sunday and doing follow-up with visitors. Every time you turned around, there was a new […]

21st Century Strategies for Church Growth

Over the next several months I’ll be working on what we consider the foundations for church growth. It’s based on the nine strategies we’ve identified as the core for faithful, effective, and sustainable church growth in the 21st century. As I write, I’ll be posting segments here … and I’ll endeavor to post something […]

The Changing Face of Worship and Church Growth

Interview with Bill Easum

Pastors often turn to church growth strategists to help them develop a plan for their church. These specialized consultants can make a significant impact on every program in the church, including the music ministry. William Easum has been at the forefront of the church growth movement for a number of years. […]