21st Century Strategies for Church Growth

Over the next several months I’ll be working on what we consider the foundations for church growth. It’s based on the nine strategies we’ve identified as the core for faithful, effective, and sustainable church growth in the 21st century. As I write, I’ll be posting segments here … and I’ll endeavor to post something […]

The Changing Face of Worship and Church Growth

Interview with Bill Easum

Pastors often turn to church growth strategists to help them develop a plan for their church. These specialized consultants can make a significant impact on every program in the church, including the music ministry. William Easum has been at the forefront of the church growth movement for a number of years. […]

The Best Pracitices of Kingdom Growth

By Bill Easum

I’ve seen and heard a lot of criticism these days about church growth. It’s as if all of a sudden it’s a four- letter word. That’s strange because everything I read in the Scriptures is about growth- all kinds of growth. And maybe that’s the problem. The critics hear or see the […]

Post Covid Church Growth

Once upon a time, a long time ago, I was recruited to be a church planter in metro area. Kris and I were invited to start a new church in any legitimate city in the US and we were torn about where to plant. We had a ready-made core-congregation in Atlanta, people we’d connected […]

Getting Church Members to Invite

The other day, I found myself in a heart-to-heart with a pastor, and his frustration was palpable. He complained, “My members just aren’t inviting their friends and neighbors to church.” It’s a common refrain, isn’t it? But here’s the twist: your members have already invited pretty much everyone they know over the years and […]

Kick Start Growth

The majority of churches in North America have been experiencing over a decade of decline or plateau. Often, common sense prevails and church leaders will endeavor to put church growth plans into place that will grow their church on a slow, and yet consistent, basis. The fact is, though, churches rarely grow slowly and […]

Growing Your Church? You’ll Need Alliances

The following post is a rough draft of a section in the book 21st Century Strategies for Church Growth that I’m in the midst of writing. Your feedback is appreciated.

If you’re with me so far, then I’m guessing you’re pretty serious about growing your church. One might think that everyone in the church would […]

Holy Shift: Redirecting Your Ministry Focus

As we usher in the 2024 New Year, it’s not just about flipping the calendar page; it’s about reassessing our paths and priorities – cutting through both ministry and life’s clutter. For us pastors and church leaders, this introspection is more than a ritual—it’s a necessity. We’re not just managing organizations; we’re nurturing communities […]

The Number One Problem with Western Christianity: McGavran and Disciple Making

We all know 85% of churches in the West are in decline, so I wont go into that other than to say I know the cause for this decline. The number one problem with Western Christianity rests on its misunderstanding of the Church Growth movement and the liberalization of the Western Church. Let me […]