10 Things to Do – Turnaround Mid to Large Sized Church

Recently, I wrote a post about starting a turnaround effort in a small church that’s been in decline for years (Ten Things to Do to Lead a Turnaround). I immediately got requests from church leaders of declining mid-sized and large churches: “What about us? What should we do?”

So, here is a list of things […]

Can This Church Turnaround? Case Study #1

Established: ~1904

Tribe: Protestant Mainline

Worship Style: Rural traditional, family informal


Congregational Demographics: 
AWA: 32
Trend: 20 years steep decline; 8 years slow decline; followed by 10 years slight decline
Median Age: 61
Adult Generations: 21 Builders+; 8 Boomers; 2 Gen-X; 1 Millennial
Children/Youth: 2–3
Ethnic Mix: Anglo
SES: Mixed, mostly blue collar; income similar to ministry area
Debt: $0

Available Resources: ~$100,000 in endowments


Ministry Area […]

Why I’m So Hopeful about Church Planting

I’ve never been more hopeful about church planting in the U.S. as I am today. I couldn’t say this a decade ago. What changed my attitude – the growing trend of small to medium sized churches that are planting multiple churches that are expected to plant multiple churches.

Some examples of my hope are:

City […]

The Heart of a Level 5 Church

The one ingredient a Level 5 church cannot do without is radical discipleship. Raising up radical disciples is the underbelly of the exponential church planting movement. It’s impossible to exponentially plant churches without greatly expanding the breadth and depth of your disciples. So much of the focus of multiplication is on the raising up and […]

Is Your Church Destined for Smallness?

How many church leaders does it take to change a lightbulb?

I’m not sure, but in many churches it takes 50 percent or more of the sitting board members to make virtually every decision. And there’s a church growth correlation that shows the more leaders involved in management decisions, the smaller the church’s potential.

Case in point: […]

Five Markers of the Future Church

The vast majority of churches struggle to have a building full of worshipers.  Those who do seem to recognize one thing.  The church always has been and always will be about making disciples.  And we have a clear example of what that looks like from Acts 2: 43-47.  Let’s take a look at the […]

A New Scorecard for Churches in Any Age

Scorecards are valuable in any game because they tell you whether or not you’re winning. If it is important to know if you’re winning in a game, how much more important is it to know if you are “winning” as a church? It eternally matters!

I’m one of those people who believes that if you […]

Radical Discipleship: Key to Authentic Growth

A Blog by Bill Easum and The Effective Church Group

By radical we mean becoming more and more like Jesus in every way. That’s a big, hairy, audacious goal for sure. But it is at the heart of what Jesus did every day with the disciples. He mentored them to become like him. He wasn’t […]

Stop Developing Leaders, Get More Ministry Done, and Grow Your Church

The lack of leadership is one of the top reasons pastors and other church leaders point to for why their church isn’t growing. “We need more leaders to get the job done. Our current leadership is tired and overworked.”

When quizzed about what they’re doing to raise up more leaders, the answers tend to include […]

Churches Committed to Multiplication Part Six: Why It’s Next to Impossible for Mainline Churches

The issue of church multiplication is either a mystery or an unknown to most mainline pastors and denominational leaders. Most of them are simply trying to survive, so the gap between survival and multiplication is wider than the Grand Canyon.

But what would have to happen to make multiplication possible for mainline churches?

There would […]