Bucks, Butts, or Disciples?

To become a part of the Next Level for Church Growth Pastors Group (a private Facebook Group), a pastor has to answer three questions. Question #2 is about Church Growth. It’s always amused me (not Ha Ha amusement) when some pastor pushes back and accuses me (and The Effective Church Group) about being one […]

Time to Organize Your Church – Once And For All!

In the ever-evolving landscape of church leadership and management, one of the most pressing challenges faced by pastors and church leaders is navigating the complexities of organizing the church. At the heart of this challenge lies a critical question: How can a church’s structure facilitate effective decision-making, foster growth, and align with its mission […]

The Problem with Western Christianity

We all know 85% of churches in the West are in decline, so I wont go into that other than to say I know the cause for this decline.[1]

The basic problem with Western Christianity rests on a misunderstanding of the Church Growth movement and the liberalization of the Western Church. Let me explain.

The Church […]

The First Strategy for Church Growth

The following post is a rough draft of a section in Chapter 1  in our upcoming book, 21st Century Strategies for Church Growth.
Grow Spiritual Leaders to Grow Spiritual Members
Today’s spiritual seekers rarely turn to Christianity or to the church to find the answers they seek because of their past experiences or because of the church and […]

Ready to Level Up Your Church Growth?

Ready to take your church to the next level? I’ve got just the thing for you.

Hey, Bill here. If you’re loving this week’s content, you’ll want to check out “Four Key Strategies for Church Growth.” It’s not just a guide; it’s a game-changer. It builds on everything we’ve talked about this week and […]

Church Reputation: The Key to Church Growth and Attracting Visitors

The Transformative Power of Reputation

In the vast landscape of community institutions, churches hold a unique position. They are places of worship, community gathering, and often, outreach. Yet, despite their pivotal role, many churches remain virtually unknown in their communities. The key to bridging this gap and fostering growth? Building a solid reputation.

The Stark Reality: […]

Church Planting, Ridleys 13 Characteristics and Test

Other than yourself have a friend, your supervisor, and a person with whom you work in ministry fill out the following:

1. Visioning capacity

being a person who projects into the future beyond the present
developing a theme which highlights the vision and philosophy of ministry
persuasively selling the vision to the people
approaching […]

Numbers Count

I had a conversation recently with a small group of mainline pastors and the conversation naturally turned to church transformation and church growth. When I asked how they measured whether their churches were growing, plateauing, or declining I started getting the typical excuses and defensive posturing I so often hear.

“Numbers aren’t important.”“Numbers don’t really […]

Look to the Margins

According to Alan Roxburgh[1], the North American church in late modernity is firmly in liminal space…meaning that there is little that is firm or solid as we transition into a post-modern or post-colonial era.  “Liminality is a term that describes the transition process accompanying a change of state or social position,”[2] and our churches are […]