Measuring Church Transformation

In August, I wrote a blog entry on why so many church consultations fail to net positive, long-term results. As I wrote that article, in the back of my mind was the ongoing question that I often get about how to measure a church’s transformation. There’s always a lot of pushback from church leaders […]

Mission Statements

Five good books for creating a Mission Statement:

The Path, by Laurie Beth Jones, New York, NY, Hyperion, 1996Managing By Values, by Ken Blanchard and Michael O’Connor, San Francisco, Berrett- Koehler Publishers, 1997****Building A Shared Vision, C. Patrick Lewis, Portland, OR,     Productivity Press, 1997Built to Last, James Collins, and Jerry Porras, Harper     Business, 1997Clarifying our […]

A Church Planter and Church Transformation Self-Assessment

When it comes to professional pastoral ministries, the absolute must difficult job of all is effectively leading a church’s transformation. That’s a glamourless, thankless, painful, heart-wrenching, aggravating, and too often career-ending task. In fact, the only ones who intentionally consider engaging in this kind of ministry are either narcissistic, arrogant, savior-complexed martyrs or else the God-called […]

Hope or Hype?

There’s been a lot of talk across the channels about the Public Religion Research Institute’s release of the 2020 Survey of American Religion (PPRI 2020 America Religion Survey Results). The study is primarily concerned with faith adherents by faith affiliation, political affiliation, age, ethnicity, education, and location (by county). The study is statistically significant […]

Church and Culture

For our time together I want to be clear that my purpose is not instruction, but rather agitation. My entire goal is to get you to experience the freedom of cursing your monitor. If I fail, ask Bill for a refund.

Second, I want to have some fun. You may not appreciate my humor because […]

Grow Your Church Easter Sunday to Summer

The time between Easter and the beginning of Summer is a critical time in the life of your church.

Whether Easter is early or late in the calendar, the time between what will probably be your best attended Sunday and the beginning of a time when church service attendance traditionally slumps is short. This year […]

The Pastor’s Playbook for Boosting Church Giving

“We don’t have money problems anymore.” Imagine hearing that in your church. That’s exactly what one of my Catalytic Church Growth Pastors told me last week. It’s like a breath of fresh air, isn’t it? But let’s be real – even in churches where the offering plate seems always full, there’s never enough cash […]

What to Say After “Hello”

I was at a church planting event some years ago when someone asked, “Tell me what you do.” Saying “I plant churches” didn’t seem to capture what I was doing, since I was already coaching other leaders and leading the occasional workshop on evangelism and church growth. But to be honest, I wasn’t prepared […]

Reveal Study

A lot of conversations and misunderstandings have arisen as a result of the Reveal study done by Willow Creek.  Because the study can be so helpful I thought I would set the record straight.No, Willow is not abandoning its long standing concern for the seeker.  No, Willow has not been a failure. No, Willow […]