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Bill Tenny-BrittianDr. Bill Tenny-Brittian is the Managing Partner for 21st Century Strategies. The pastor of churches from coast to coast, he's led and helped hundreds of churches and thousands of leaders through the growing pains of growth. He's Editor in Chief of Net Results Magazine and the author of several books including Hitchhikers' Guide to Evangelism, Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still, and co-author with Bill Easum of Effective Staffing for Vital Churches. He lives in Missouri with Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian.

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The Failures of Recycling and Reusing

I live in Missouri, but I’m a Seattle-ite at heart. One of the widest cultural differences between the two is the attitude toward recycling. I’m used to looking at every piece of “trash” and doing the gymnastics to see if there’s a new use for it, and failing that, deciding which recycling bin it belongs […]

Children in Adult Targeted Worship – A Response

I hate writing this kind of blog post. Refuting someone else’s well-thought out opinions isn’t in my DNA. But the article Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church has been gaining some traction in mainline circles and I’m compelled to counter because if the conclusions offered are taken seriously, the current declines in church will not only […]

Creative and Effective Sermon Titles

I think I’ve convinced myself that the most difficult – and perhaps one of the most important – sermon preparation tasks is coming up with great sermon titles (and sermon series titles). Your sermon’s title is of critical importance, if you’re depending on Word Of Mouth Marketing, using your outdoor church announcement sign, or are […]

The “Why Your Church Isn’t Growing” Checklist

I’ve written posts and articles on how to grow your church … here’s a quick checklist to see why your church isn’t growing – complete with links to articles/resources to help. Unresolved conflict Limited or poor marketing  (No one has heard of you) No emphasis on growth programming Congregational low self-esteem (no one’s inviting anybody) Pastor […]

An Effective Bar Ministry

I got a note the other day asking about what a bar ministry might look like. There are a couple ways that churches are doing successful bar ministries. Here are the two dominant models. 1. A church buys a bar and operates it as one of its outreach ministries. These bars are far from “preachy” […]

Why Your Church Won’t Be the Exception

I just returned from a church growth training event at a local church where we reviewed and evaluated their vision. Their vision statement was a bit wordy, but overall it got high marks. But a question arose from some of the members: “What about those in the congregation who don’t support the vision … who […]

Ten Tips for Using Your Newsletter to Grow Your Church

The fact is, most church newsletters do little to nothing to help grow a church … if fact, many church newsletters we’ve reviewed may be a part of the reason why a church isn’t growing. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts to help you develop a newsletter that will at least aid your […]

Woe Be Us

I received this private email some time ago. I received permission to reprint it here – after making some modifications to protect the identity of the writer. I have come to the realization that my tribe, UMC, will continue to die because our leadership at the highest level insists on straddling the people pleasing proverbial […]

How to Grow Your Church

There really isn’t any mystery to growing a church. The principles and practices for how to grow a church are the same ones that have been used since the beginning of the church. The problem isn’t so much about knowing how to grow churches as it is rolling up your sleeves and putting what you know […]

Time Management for Church Leaders

One of top questions we’ve heard during the Only Four Things Grow Churches tour has to do with the allocation of the pastor’s time. When we suggest that a pastor leading a church of under 450 needs to spend between 70 – 80 percent of their time networking with the unchurched, the grumbling becomes audible […]