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Bill Tenny-BrittianDr. Bill Tenny-Brittian is the Managing Partner for 21st Century Strategies. The pastor of churches from coast to coast, he's led and helped hundreds of churches and thousands of leaders through the growing pains of growth. He's Editor in Chief of Net Results Magazine and the author of several books including Hitchhikers' Guide to Evangelism, Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still, and co-author with Bill Easum of Effective Staffing for Vital Churches. He lives in Missouri with Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian.

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Four Things that Keep People Out of Your Church

I suspect no church intentionally goes about barring their doors to keep new people out, but given the poor first-time visitor numbers in most churches, it sometimes seems like that might be the case. A healthy, growing church should be seeing enough first-time visitors each week that they make up 3 percent or more of […]

Holding a Congregation Accountable

I recently received a note with a question that I'm sure most pastors have asked themselves at one time or another. I'm afraid there are many answers to the "why" question. The congregation is paying the pastor's salary - so they're the boss (or at least they think and act like they are) The congregation is an […]

Sermon Prep When Time is Limited

One of the recommendations we make to pastors with churches under 200 is "Learn to do sermon and worship prep in less than two hours each week so you can spend the vast majority of your time reaching people for Jesus Christ." It's not a popular recommendation. Homiletics professors faint. Long-time pastors just shake their heads. […]

Easter Sunday Follow-Up Full Court Press

This year Easter happens to coincide with the wrapping up March Madness, the final two will be decided on Easter Saturday and the finals are played on Easter Monday. That leaves Easter Sunday as a quiet, leisurely day for sports fans ... but not so much for the world of church. Once again, it's likely […]

Asking Advice? Lookin’ Good!

We don't normally do this, but since the Harvard Business Review "Daily Stat" blog has been broken for over three months, instead of just posting a link, we're reproducing a GREAT mini-post here. Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent Most people assume that asking for advice will make others think poorly of them. […]

How to Undermine Church Leadership in One Easy Step

The church had done all the hard work of building a solid foundation. They identified their mission, vision, and values and they developed both membership and leadership covenants. It looked like they were ready to move to the next steps of growth. Enter the Nominating Committee. There were several leadership positions that needed to be filled, but […]

Stop Sharing Your Church Newsletter With Visitors – and Other Follow-Up Gaffes

... that is, if you're making these really dumb mistakes. I had a rare Sunday off a couple weeks ago and decided to drop by a local church that I'd never visited. I'd discovered the church on my annual Christmas Light Tour (where I drive aimlessly through random neighborhoods looking for great light displays) and I […]

How To Start Conversations … Even If You Live in New York

When I'm coaching or consulting and make the recommendation that pastors need to spend significant time "hanging out" wherever it is their targets are hanging out, it tends to raise a host of questions. Where should I hang out? When? What do I need to stop doing so I have time? All those are the […]

Don’t Be So Wordy …

I imagine that it's no surprise that many (dare I say most) seminary trained pastors - and even business trained pastors - lean toward the verbose and the grandiloquent. In some writings, I suppose, that's acceptable. However, when it comes to defining a church's mission, vision, and values our over-learnedness often gets in the way. In […]

When It’s Time to Say “We’re Gonna Miss You”

A Personal Note to ALL Church Leaders Church leaders need to remember that they have a different mandate than the average church member. At large church members are charged with the care of one-another (other Christians and fellow church members in particular - among other responsibilities). Church leaders, however, are charged with the care of […]