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Bill Tenny-BrittianDr. Bill Tenny-Brittian is the Managing Partner for 21st Century Strategies. The pastor of churches from coast to coast, he's led and helped hundreds of churches and thousands of leaders through the growing pains of growth. He's Editor in Chief of Net Results Magazine and the author of several books including Hitchhikers' Guide to Evangelism, Prayer for People Who Can't Sit Still, and co-author with Bill Easum of Effective Staffing for Vital Churches. He lives in Missouri with Dr. Kris Tenny-Brittian.

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Four Reasons Why Some Churches See First-Time Visitors Almost Every Week

The pastor was on vacation and I was invited to be the guest preacher. Before the service while I was being briefed by the worship leader, I noticed a significant hubub at the back of the church. A young couple had come in and they were nearly mobbed by one wellwisher after another. The music […]

Tired of Herding Cats?

You probably hear it as often as I do. "Trying to get them organized is like herding cats." Whether it's being applied to the stewardship committee, the congregational council, or the local minister's alliance, it's an apt simile whenever you come across a pack of individuals who are more interested in getting what they want […]

Smaller Boards Outperform Larger Boards – Duh!

A study by the Wall Street Journal discovered that larger corporations with smaller boards outperformed their larger-board counterparts by a significant margin. In fact, as few as 3-5 extra people made a difference in profit margins by up to 18 percent. Churches of every size have similar issues. The larger the board the less efficient and the […]

Ushers Ush

"Good morning, Mrs. Dalton. Do you have a seating preference?" "Oh Sheila, you ask me every week. You know I always sit in the same place." The usher smiled. "Yes, but you never know!" Then she turned to a couple just then coming through the door. "Good morning! Do you have a seating preference?" "Well, we […]

Team Building Basics

It's almost nominating time, and with nominations come the reconstitution of teams. But will they just do business as usual, or will they make a serious difference in your congregation? Much depends on what happens at their very first meeting. When a team comes together for the first time, typically the pecking order gets quickly […]

The Failures of Recycling and Reusing

I live in Missouri, but I'm a Seattle-ite at heart. One of the widest cultural differences between the two is the attitude toward recycling. I'm used to looking at every piece of "trash" and doing the gymnastics to see if there's a new use for it, and failing that, deciding which recycling bin it belongs […]

Children in Adult Targeted Worship – A Response

I hate writing this kind of blog post. Refuting someone else's well-thought out opinions isn't in my DNA. But the article Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church has been gaining some traction in mainline circles and I'm compelled to counter because if the conclusions offered are taken seriously, the current declines in church will not only […]

Creative and Effective Sermon Titles

I think I've convinced myself that the most difficult - and perhaps one of the most important - sermon preparation tasks is coming up with great sermon titles (and sermon series titles). Your sermon's title is of critical importance, if you're depending on Word Of Mouth Marketing, using your outdoor church announcement sign, or are […]

The “Why Your Church Isn’t Growing” Checklist

I've written posts and articles on how to grow your church ... here's a quick checklist to see why your church isn't growing – complete with links to articles/resources to help. Unresolved conflict Limited or poor marketing  (No one has heard of you) No emphasis on growth programming Congregational low self-esteem (no one's inviting anybody) Pastor […]

An Effective Bar Ministry

I got a note the other day asking about what a bar ministry might look like. There are a couple ways that churches are doing successful bar ministries. Here are the two dominant models. 1. A church buys a bar and operates it as one of its outreach ministries. These bars are far from "preachy" […]