Everyone leaves a legacy of some kind, either good or bad. But what kind of a good legacy has the most impact on making a difference in the world?  A legacy of “who.”

Your Legacy is a Who, Not a What

Your legacy is not so much what you leave behind as it is who you leave behind.  Leadership doesn’t depend on how many followers we have. Leadership depends on how many people we equip to lead. Leadership isn’t how much a leader accomplishes in life. Leadership is about what we cause to happen in the lives of others.

That’s why in my book Leadership on the OtherSide, I use the metaphor of a “spiritual midwife” to describe the primary role of a leader.  Like a midwife, the spiritual midwife assists people in the birth of the gift God has given them.  The spiritual midwife knows that birthing that gift is a life and death issue. To live life without ever birthing our God-given gift is like not living.

Question: Who will be your legacy – who are you mentoring? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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