1. http://www.sacramentis.com/ Sally Morgenthaler

2. http://www.worshipinfo.com/ Worship Books, Articles, Reviews,Keyboard Tutorials, Sound System Design,Multimedia Presentations, MIDI & Synthesizer Info/Tutorials, Worship Classified Listings, Worship Links, Conferences, Seminars, Worship CDs, Christian Music Arrangements, Sheet Music, MIDI Song Files

3. http://www.worshiptogether.com/ Worship leaders resources, conferences, music.

4. http://www.ginghamsburg.org

5. http://www.midnightoilproductions.net   Lin Wilson and Jason Moore who used to be at Ginghamsburg church

6. http://www.integritymusic.com/ worship resources, articles, seminars, CD’s

7. http://www.worshipmusic.com/ worship music _ often have really good sale items, many less than $10