We believe every pastor wants to enable their church to thrive and reach its potential. We want to help you do just that.

We’ve noticed something along the way. Successful pastors have different belief systems and do things differently than unsuccessful pastors. One can believe all he or she wants to, but if it isn’t followed up with the kind of action that causes results, the church doesn’t thrive. The difference in these two kinds of pastors is what we want to think about for a moment.

We’ve noticed that the vast majority of leaders in thriving churches have a belief system that emphasizes these key passions:

  • the need for all people to find salvation through Jesus Christ,
  • the need for all Christians to continually strive be obedient to God’s will,
  • the trust of entrepreneurial leadership over congregational leadership,
  • and a commitment to the Kingdom of God.

For these folks, sharing Jesus Christ with someone is at the forefront of their mission in life. They live and breathe to share Christ.

On the other hand, the vast majority of folks in struggling churches have a belief system that:

  • sees many ways to salvation,
  • relies heavily on representative democracy and consensus,
  • and focuses on the institutional church.

For these folks, doing good and following the Great Commandment is at the forefront of their mission in life. Obviously, nothing is wrong with following the Great Commandment. The problem begins when they allow mission to end with the Great Commandment and don’t follow up with the Great Commission, which was Jesus last will and testament.

The differences look something like this:

Thriving Churches                                                 Struggling Churches                                      

Salvation only through Jesus Christ                           Many ways to God

Seek and be obedient to God’s will                             Rely on democracy and consensus

Committed to the Kingdom                                          Committed to the institutional church

Christianity is a matter of life and death                   Christianity is a good way of life

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