Earlier I blogged about what it takes to grow a church from 0-500. Now here are my thoughts about why churches fail to break the 200 in worship barrier.

  • The church loses its focus on evangelism and turns inward on itself
  • The laity starts running the church instead of inviting their networks.
  • The pastor does not respond personally to every signed in visitor with 24-48 hours.
  • Either the pastor fails to hand-off most ministries or the church expects the pastor to do the ministry and to care for all the people.
  • The pastor either doesn’t learn how to hire, grow, and fire staff or a church committee does the hiring and firing of all staff.
  • The church doesn’t see the need to hire more staff, especially a solid worship leader.
  • The church members expect the pastor to focus on them now that there are enough people to sustain the budget.