Vision Discernment
Convergence 2004 – Global Positioning for the Soul
By: Tom Bandy
This all day workshop is designed to train your congregational team in the principles and tactics that build clarity and consensus for your congregation’s “genetic code”. Biblical vision is revealed, not created, in the context of clear, shared core values and bedrock beliefs. Strategic mission emerges out of the motivating vision.

This workshop will train leaders how to build that consensus, listen for and react to God’s vision, and focus their strategic mission for the future. More than this, it will train leaders how to refine the vision, embed the DNA in the hearts of members and leaders, align budget and program to the mission, target emerging micro-cultures, and build the trusted teams that will help God’s vision reap a harvest of positive personal and social change.

Prepare yourself for the workshop!

– Read Tom’s book Moving Off the Map, especially the last two chapters.

– Invite your core leaders to make a beginning list of the core values and bedrock convictions that are routinely modeled in the lifestyles of your members, and provide the source of strength for your church in times of stress. Bring the list with you to the Convergence.

Be sure to bring a team to the Convergence, because Tom’s workshop is based on the assumption that congregational consensus about DNA is the foundation of trust for all future innovation and outreach.