Before I share this list, let me explain the difference between missional small groups and small groups.  Small groups get together to share life around the Scriptures, apprentice new leaders, and form new groups, and may or may not have a mission beyond the small group. Mission and ministry are the heart of missional small groups, along with sharing life around the Scriptures, apprenticing new leaders, and forming new groups.

Top 8 Reasons for Being a Church of Missional Small Groups

So here are my top ten reasons for being a church of missional small groups.

Missional small groups…

  1. Bless the community by sharing Christ’s love and compassion.
  2. Are the primary delivery system for all forms of mission and ministry in the community.
  3. Simplify church structure by rolling everything except worship into one ministry.
  4. Provide the “stickiness” when it comes to retaining new guests.
  5. Provide the farm system for apprenticing future leaders.
  6. Continue Jesus’ practice of on-the-job training as opposed to classroom training.
  7. Give the small group an outward purpose for being together rather than the spot light being on the group.
  8. Are based on the premise that it is better to give than to receive.

In case you are not yet up to speed on missional small groups, a couple of excellent books will quickly get you there: Missional Small Groups and MissioRelate, both by M. Scott Boren.

Question: What other benefits have you seen as a result of implementing missional small groups? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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