Too Much Time in Meetings?By: John Laster
It is not unusual to find Leadership Teams who eat up hours every month in meetings. Some teams even meet weekly, sometimes for several hours each week. Unless you are meeting weekly for several hours of prayer, you may have some “time-fat” you can trim from your leadership behaviors. If you find your leadership team gathering too often and too long in meetings that have tendencies toward micro-management, then reduce your agenda-driven meetings by 50% across the board, and increase the time your group spends in prayer. For example, if you meet twice a month for agenda driven meetings, cut it down to once a month, and meet the second scheduled time only for prayer. If your leadership currently meets once as month, try to limit your business matters to a fixed time frame within that meeting. Consider adding a second leadership gathering each month just to pray for a couple of hours about your leadership team and the needs and opportunities within the congregation. You will find that your ministry will be more productive the more you focus your meetings, and the more time together you spend in prayer.