Mission MoverTom Bandy

“Mission Mover” comes from the heart of a veteran pastor, national denominational leader, seminary educator, and acclaimed consultant with over 30 years experience in mission all over North America and beyond. His heart bursts for young and old, newcomers to Christ and veterans of the church, who long to free themselves from the entrapment of “church leadership” and immerse themselves in the “missional movement” of Jesus.

This groundbreaking book will upset many a traditional presbyter, bishop, and professor … but it will inspire many more inquiring, yearning, frustrated, or hurting leaders to find new strength and purpose. Bandy addresses the three great issues facing the North American church today: What does it mean to be “called”? What is the content and method for training in the postmodern world? And how will Christian leaders survive and thrive through the trials and tribulations of declining Christendom and the emerging pagan world?

Written as a dialogue, this book is bound to draw people into a conversation that will last for years to come.