The other day I sent this to the people I’m coaching for them to use in a time of reflection. Several said it was helpful.  So I thought I would share it with everyone.

All of you are trying the take your church to the next level. You are asking God to do something new in your church and that is commendable.  Now here’s the kicker – in order for God to do something new in your church you must be willing to allow Him to do something new in you.  That’s right; going to the next level is as much an inward transition as it is strategic or tactical.  It begins with what God is doing within you and how you communicate that to your church leadership. Now let’s focus on that inward transition for a moment by asking some questions that I’d like you to pray about and talk with me about in an upcoming phone call.

  • What is God saying to you about what you should change and focus on in the future? Are you willing to communicate that to your leaders? If you aren’t hearing anything from God, are you willing to have your forty day experience away from your congregation?
  • Are you focused on what God is telling you more than the known obstacles and challenges?
  • Are you willing to do whatever you need to do to make God’s vision for your church a reality, even if it costs you your job?
  • Going to the next level requires the closing of one chapter of your life and the beginning of a new chapter. How would you describe that closure? What is the new personal chapter that is waiting to be opened in your life?
  • In closing this chapter of your life are you going to allow your comfort zone to dictate how much change you will tolerate?
  • What comfort zone is so appealing to you that you are tempted to stay in it? Are you opting for the comfortable over the new?
  • What one thing worries you the most about going to the next level and why?
  • Reaching your potential seldom happens when you fly solo.  What are you doing to bring others into an awareness of what God is telling you? Have you identified your Peter, James, and John? Is your board part of your team or seen as an adversary?

I’m convinced that these and other questions that will emerge as you pray about them will be a catalyst for change. I encourage you to go away and spend time praying and seeking God’s still voice on these questions, and then let’s talk about them. It’s a privilege to serve you.

Question: Will you be closing an old chapter of life and opening a new one? Share your feedback on these reflection questions in the Comments section below.

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