There is so much misunderstanding about small groups.  Some think they are the way to grow the church – but usually they aren’t. Instead they help retain and grow people. Some think they are basically bible studies – but they aren’t.

Three Things Make Small Groups Effective Today

So what are the three things that make small groups effective today?

  1. They are groups where people share their life journey around the Scripture. This is far more than an information dump – it is people sharing their hopes, dreams, and fears with one another in the context of the Scripture.
  2. They are groups where the leader understands that his/her main role is to identify an apprentice who will leave to start another group, or take the present group, or move on to lead in another ministry.  Rather than seeing the primary role as being the leader of the group, the small group leader sees his/her role as a mentor of an apprentice.
  3. They are groups that have a specific ministry in the community that they participate in on a regular basis.  A good book on this particular issue is MissioRelate by Scott Boren.

Question: What else do you believe makes a small group effective? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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