For the week of July 25, 2005

Think System, Act Program
By: Tom Bandy
Planners need to think about the overall flow of the discipling process, but make concrete the programs that will deliver the anticipated result of mature Christians and missionaries. Especially consider how individuals will be mentored into the next steps of spiritual growth, and how various programs will interconnect with each other for a comprehensive experience of nurture and training.

Moreover, design each program to be a microcosm of the system. Today no single person is going to participate in every program. If spiritual maturity depends on participating in all or even most of the programs, it just won’t happen. Instead, design each program to embody the system of being changed, gifted, called, equipped, and sent. It’s like seeing the luster in each gem on the necklace, instead of depending on the whole necklace to reveal the luster.

Track 3 leaders think system, but act program. That is what gives them the characteristics of big visions combined with radical pragmatism. Many track 1 and 2 leaders do just the opposite. They think program, and act system. Their vision never seems to get beyond a program, and their actions are too theoretical for practical results.