Church planters spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on starting a new church, and many work 70-80 hours a week putting butts in the seats. But when it comes to spending a couple of thousand a year for a coach, they balk.

The Value of a Coach

I can’t tell you how many stories I could tell about church planters trying to go it alone without a coach to save a buck.  The stories are legion.

One tried to plant without anyone to lead worship. Another tried to rent without someone responsible for setting up and tearing down.  Another tried to do a capital campaign without outside help. The list goes on and on and on.

The same is true for pastor trying to transform or grow a church.  You hear stories of these great megachurch pastors who do it without help. The problem is, not everyone is a superhero. Most of us need the wisdom of people who have gone before.  And truth be told, most megachurch pastors have had a coach at some point in their history.

What a shame it is to try to save a buck when a coach is an investment in your future.  A good coach can save you many times over what you invest in them.

I remember brining Lyle Schaller into my church in 1982. It changed the whole direction of my ministry. Then there was the time I brought in Kennon Callahan.  Both of them had a part in the growth of the church I served for 24 years.

Folks, get a coach!

Question: How have you benefited from having a coach? Share your experiences in the Comments section below.

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