Many “Track 2” churches launch several options in worship. They grow to a point, and then seem to plateau. Church leaders are wondering what happened. The quality of worship seems good; the diversity of the public seems to connect. But the worship team participants seem to be getting tired, and the worship services seem to be getting stale. What to do?

The problem almost always lies with the identification, training, and spiritual growth of the worship team leaders. Most worship teams don’t have high quality leaders who are really gifted and called to mentor the team and monitor the spirit. Team leadership rotates among the team; or it passes by default to the already overburdened pastors; or it stops with mere skills development.

The solution is for the pastor or worship designer to spend much more time mentoring the spiritual growth, mission awareness and team-building skills of their worship team leaders. Gather them regularly. Take them on bi-annual retreats. Deploy them in triads to listen to the public. The more you take the worship team leaders deeper, the better they can take their teams further, and make the worship experience fresher.

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