September 9, Leadership Network is hosting an unusual event (don’t they always). It is several hours of video featuring some of the church’s greatest communicators to share in less than nine minutes the one thing they would like everyone to know. A list of the speakers in below.

You have to register for this event. You can do so by clicking here  (be patient it may take some time for the page to open).

I will be one of the presenters and I promised to put some bullet points on my blog in case you couldnt take notes fast enough.  So here goes.

I want you to leave with two thoughts:

  1. Your legacy is not so much what you leave before as who you leave behind.
  2. The more pastor and staff hand-off ministry to others the more growth potential there is for the person, the church, and the Kingdom.

Most people have a flawed view of leadership- leaders are those who have followers. The more followers the better the leader.  My view of leadership is different- leadership is more about what leaders cause to happen in the lives of other people, are they transformed and passing that on to others.

I use two metaphors – spiritual midwife and Scout. Spiritual midwives assist others in the birth of their child. A scout is one who goes through life looking for the potential leaders of the future.

How do you do this?

  1. Set your own agenda based on your call. Don’t do what your church wants you to do.
  2. If my church were twice its size what would I have to stop doing and start doing?
  3. Do only what you feel called to do.
  4. Focus on what you do best. Focus on your strengths not weaknesses.
  5. Develop your “To be” list. This is a list of people you run across who have the potential to be a leader.

Mark Driscoll (Mars Hill Church) Reggie McNeal (Leadership Network) Perry Noble (NewSpring Church) John Ortberg (Menlo Park Presbyterian) Steven Furtick (Elevation Church) Nancy Beach (Willow Creek Church) Leonard Sweet (Author/Speaker) Stacy Spencer (New Direction Christian Church) Ed Stetzer (Lifeway Research) Mark Batterson (National Community Church) Larry Osborne (North Coast Church) Dave Ferguson (Community Christian Church) Alan Hirsch (Forge Mission Training Network) Dino Rizzo (Healing Place Church) Dan Kimball (Vintage Faith Church) Greg Surratt (Seacoast Church) Sam Chand (Sam Chand Ministries) Bil Cornelius (Bay Area Fellowship) Brad Bell (The Well) Brian McLaren (Author/Speaker) Skye Jethani (Author/Speaker) Brian Bloye (Westridge Church) Jon Tyson (Trinity Grace Church, NYC) Eric Bryant (Mosaic) Bob Roberts (Northwood Church) Reggie Joiner (CCO, reThink) Brad Powell (NorthRidge Church) Mark DeYmaz (Mosaic Church) Margaret Feinberg (Author/Speaker) Matt Carter (The Austin Stone Church) Darrin Patrick (The Journey) Matt Fry (C3 Church) Nancy Ortberg (TeamWorx2) Mike Breaux (Heartland Church) J. D. Greear (Summit Church) Scott Hodge (Orchard Valley Church) Greg Holder (Windsor Crossing Church) Pete Wilson (Cross Point Church) Neil Cole (Church Multiplication Associates) Matt Williams (Grace Church Greenville) Jenni Catron (Cross Point Church) Noel Heikkinen (Riverview Church) Bill Easum (21st Century Strategies) Chip Henderson (Pine Lake Church) David Foster (The Gathering) Mark Bankord (Heartland Community Church) Ken Fong (Evergreen Baptist Church) John Bishop (Living Hope Church) Rick Rusaw (LifeBridge Church) Bryan Carter (Concord Chuch) Geoff Surratt (Seacoast Church) Jeffrey Johnson (Eastern Star Church) Jim Tomberlin (Third Quarter Consulting) Anne Jackson ( Naeem Fazal (Mosaic Church) Jim Burgen (Flatirons Community Church) John Coulombe (First Ev Free Fullerton) Teresa McBean (NorthStar Community Church) Jim Sheppard (Generis) Shawn Wood (Seacoast Church) Lawrence Aker (Cornerstone Baptist Church) Steve Robinson (Church of the King) Jason Cusick (Journey of Faith Church) Bambi Encarnacion (First Ev Free Fullerton) Ken Fong (Evergreen Baptist Church) Judy West (Windsor Crossing Church) Scott Wilson (The Oaks Fellowship) Amy Hanson(Author/Speaker) Toby Slough (Cross Timbers Church) Troy Gramling (Flamingo Road Church) Scott Nickell (Flatirons Community Church) Michael Trent (Third Place Consulting) Jorge Acevedo (Grace Church) Scott Williams ( Steve Robinson (Church of the King) Keld Dahlman (Europe Church Planter