The last twenty years our culture (US) has been moving from what I call a National Park world to a world that can only be described as a Jungle.

Consider The following comparisons:

National Park

•         Are neatly laid out

•         Predictable and slow to change

•         Warn you about dangers animals

•         Provide adequate shelter

•         National parks change very slowly

•         You are entitled to the experience

•         National Parks can be traveled alone

•         You don’t need a compass or GPS

•         When you look up you can see the horizon

•         No problem seeing the horizon

•         You don’t need a compass

•         There are no bottom lines

•         People aren’t totally broken

•         Christianity is King and Queen


•         Nothing is neatly laid out

•         Nothing is predictable and changes are fast

•         Predators are everywhere

•         You are on your own for shelter

•         Changes from day to day

•         You’re not entitled to be there

•         No one goes into the Jungle alone

•         You have to have a compass or GPS

•         When you look up you cant see the sky much less the horizon

•         Most people are basically broken

•         Values no longer are ultimate or universal

•         There is no bottom line

•         Christianity is nobody to the culture

What different images does this pull up about the emerging world.