Every study shows that the most effective outreach/evangelism/advertising is friends inviting friends and networks. In fact, 85% of people who come to church do so because a friend asked them. Getting your people to invite their networks is the key to everything. The primary reason new church plants grow is because the pastor and key leaders are focused on inviting their networks to worship and the primary reason church plants plateau is because the pastor and key leaders lose focus on inviting people and begin to focus on the members.

The Key to Everything

So, what can you do to make your church plant grow?

Here are some of the keys:

  • Passion about the Great Commission – your theology colors a lot of what your people think and do.
  • Repetition – how often are your messages aimed at reaching the world for Christ?
  • Ministries – what evangelistic outreach ministries (such as servant evangelism) do you have?
  • Worship – how often do you mention in worship the need to invite friends and networks?
  • Small Groups – how often do they invite new people into their group?
  • Staff – how often do you or your staff bring someone to church with you?
  • Personal – how often do you or your staff actually lead someone to Christ?

Question: What are some practical ways a church can shift its focus to facilitate growth? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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