The Six Most Common Mistakes Pastors Make and What to do About Them

Over the years I’ve seen pastors make the same mistakes over and over. Every time I see these mistakes I can almost bet their church is declining. So I thought I would share with you the six most common mistakes I see pastors doing and what to do about it.

Mistake Number One: Not making […]

Children’s Ministry: A Key Issue for Growing a Church

One of the key issues facing most children’s ministry today is the environment in which the teaching takes place.  Most dying churches have what I call “stale environments.” Kids are expected to enter a classroom, sit down, and be still as if they are supposed to study.  The rooms are void of any data […]

Don’t “Masadaize” Your Members

One of the main reasons many effective churches stop growing is they so thoroughly take their new converts out of their social environments that over two or three years they lose all contacts with their pagan friends. Before becoming a Christian most people have many non-Christian friends with whom they spend most of their […]

You Get What You Look For

When I work in a church with a large staff invariably two of three of the staff have all of the volunteers they need while the rest of the staff complain that no one in the church will volunteer to serve.  If there are ten full time paid staff, two will have lots of […]

Preparing for Ministry in the New Year

By: Jeff Patton

As you begin to think about 2007, here are a few pointers, what I would call Basic Strategies for Successful Ministry or, in other words, “do the basics well”.

10) Make sure your ads on the web and in the paper are correct.  Make sure the message on the phone tells what a person […]