One of the main reasons many effective churches stop growing is they so thoroughly take their new converts out of their social environments that over two or three years they lose all contacts with their pagan friends. Before becoming a Christian most people have many non-Christian friends with whom they spend most of their time. But when they become a Christian most churches do their best to keep those folks within the confines of the church and its Christian environment. Instead of working with the converts to stay in their old environment and work with their pagan friends, churches take them out of the old culture so thoroughly they lose all contact with their pagan friends.

What this means is that millions of established relationships are severed – relationships that could have been resulted in more converts.  So, what can you do to keep this from happening? Here are some suggestions:

·  Make sure your people are in a small group whose main purpose is to grow and multiply by inviting new people into the small group.
·  Constantly remind your people that their personal evangelism is the number one goal of their Christianity.
·  Make sure your people spend some of their ministry time out among the public. One of the best ways I’ve seen to do this is Servant Evangelism that was started years ago by Steve Sjogren, and .
·  Have “Taste and See” parties at church and in homes and have your people invite their networks.
·  Constantly remind your people that their primary ministry is in their neighborhoods, businesses, and social networks. That means quit putting them on church committees.
·  Let your people know from the pulpit that you expect them to invite their friends to church AND to share their faith when the opportunity emerges.

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