By: Jeff Patton

As you begin to think about 2007, here are a few pointers, what I would call Basic Strategies for Successful Ministry or, in other words, “do the basics well”.

10) Make sure your ads on the web and in the paper are correct.  Make sure the message on the phone tells what a person might need to know.  For example, on Sunday morning when people call the church, don’t tell them office hours are Monday through Friday.  Tell them what time (and style) the worship is today.

9)  Boost your hospitality and connectional ministries.

8)  Know your building is a living metaphor.  How you take care of it, how you welcome people to it speaks volumes.

7)  Don’t avoid conflict.  Conflict is the door to intimacy.  Learn to not take it personally.

6)  Recruit and develop a team to replace all the “individuals” doing ministry.

5)  Review your strategic map.   What would you change?  What would you do better?  What are your 1,3,5 year goals?  For the congregation and for yourself?

4)  Pray more.   Host a prayer seminar.

3)  Mentor ten people to do ministry better than you can.

2)  Get out of your office.  Make the pastor’s office a “prayer room” and move your office to the local coffee shop.   Meet with people there.   Don’t do counseling “alone” ever again.

1)  Be very clear and committed to your Purpose and Principles.  Every time you go against these things, you destroy your chances of making a difference in lives.