Short term mission projects are a good way to overcome the unfortunate modern tradition of the “summer slump”. Church people tend to become lackadaisical about Sunday worship because they have forgotten entirely about God’s mission. So if you get them back into God’s mission, they will often find it more meaningful to come to worship.

Short term mission projects are the key. Such projects need to combine simplicity in planning with immediate results. The impact of the mission needs to be readily apparent to givers and receivers, and the mission project should not require extra preparatory meetings and logistical organization. A day spent cleaning a pond or park of litter and debris; repairing and renovating a senior’s apartment; doing passing out free water bottles at the park; or doing other “random acts of kindness” blesses others, feels good, and deepens awareness that God never takes a vacation from mission.

Now connect worship with the mission project. Take lots of digital photos to display on Sunday morning to pray for strangers and give thanks to God.