More guests will show up at worship on Christmas Eve than at any other time of the year.  This is a prime opportunity.

So how does your church showcase hospitality for Christmas Eve?  Are you intentional in your preparation?  It is a lot tougher to identify and connect with guests on Christmas Eve due to many out-of-town family who are visiting.  Christmas Eve worship demands a unique approach to start a relationship with guests.

The basics must be over the top:

  • There will be confused people.  Start in the parking lot with folks helping them find a space and give directions.
  • You need your best greeters.  No time for chatting with buddies.  Be outside by the main doors.
  • Have great treats and drinks in the flow of traffic to encourage people to stop and have conversation.
  • Utilize a process that gets people introduced to a leader, exposed to the information center and seated well by ushers.
  • Make sure the pastor (for congregations under 500) visits the guests with a gift on Christmas day.

Now for the unique aspect of Christmas Eve.  You need something extra for an extraordinary day:

  • Have a special drawing for a Christmas item like a manger scene.  You’ll get contact information!
  • Take photos of the families which will be delivered to their homes.  Another contact information opportunity!
  • Make sure that you promote an awesome January sermon series.
  • Preach with regard for those for whom worship is not the norm.  They are your focus.  Don’t assume they know the story.

Christmas Eve is an opportunity like none other that we have to connect with the people of God.  It is easy to get lost in all sorts of other Christmas activities – many of which are very good.  But the task of the Christian on Christmas Eve is to help someone else be captured by the power of God becoming one of us.

So what are your ideas for Christmas Eve hospitality?  I’d love to hear them.  Leave your comments below.

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