Utilizing a box truck converted to be a portable platform theater with complete sound system, our volunteers travel to consecutive sites in the inner city, spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. This high energy weekly program includes music, drama, Bible object lessons and stories, games, prizes and promotions. Each exciting minute is packed with innovative approaches for communicating the one central weekly biblical theme. The program is fast paced with extreme emphasis on audio and visual techniques.

But Sidewalk doesn’t stop at the Saturday presentation! Each child is visited at home weekly by their own personal visitation team and this is where the real relationships are built. Where they see a constant Christian example who comes to them in Love with no hidden agenda. Who comes with peace and goodwill. Who offers love in the face of trial and triumph.

The six major volunteer areas offer those who wish to serve a multitude of choice where they can share their talents. Team opportunities include: the prayer ministry, promotions, Sidewalk Shepherds, truck team curriculum and visitation.

Sidewalk Sunday School was begun by Rev. Bill Wilson of Metro Urban Ministries. Through a new and innovative approach partnering the suburban church with the urban community, Clay United Methodist Church has developed a new answer to our call to missions in the inner city and beyond.

This program focuses on teaching urban children basic fundamentals of Christianity, teaching the children the empowerment through Jesus Christ to turn away from the negative community cycles that face them, and turn their hearts toward a lifestyle that contains promise and hope for the future.


  • Billie K. Fidlin
    Director, Sidewalk Sunday School
    (219)  272-0331
    Consultation and Training Available