By Earl Creps

I enjoyed reading Earl Creps’ Off Road Disciplines, but I was enthralled by Reverse Mentoring. The book is packed with so many transparent personal experiences it is like an intimate look not only into the emerging world, but also into his private life. Through these extremely personal and detailed stories Creps gives the reader a window into the emerging world with all of it new language, technology, music, and quirkiness.

The purpose of the book is to show the importance of allowing younger voices to speak into your life so that you are not only wiser but also more effective in how you relate to the changing world. If you are feeling out-of-date because you are over 40, this book will not only bring you up to date it will also show you have to keep up to date in a world set on exponential speed and lightning fast change. The key – let those younger than you teach you about their world and how they view things.

It’s a great book