By Hirsch and Frost

Frost and Hirsch have provided us with several thought provoking books.  ReJesus is another such book. Like all of their books this one covers a wide range of disciplines within and outside of the Christian environment.

Their prime objective is to call the Christianity back to its radical center- the wild, disruptive messiah whose goal was to turn the world upside down. They want us all to be “little Jesuses.” Not a bad goal.

They wish to “reJesus” Christianity, by showing the fallacies of the sanitized versions of Jesus that occupy the center of most of Christianity. When this happens we will see God as the missionary father who both sent and sends into the world

The rejesusing of Christianty will change the way we view the church, the world, and culture.

My biggest disappointment is the author continually use the word “revitalize” in reference to what they are hoping will happen by returning to our first love- Jesus.  The problem is you can’t revitalize a corpse.  Most of established Christianity is a dead man walking and as I tried to say in my book, “A Second Resurrection,” it takes resurrection to raise the dead. That’s far more than the author’s concept of “refounding” Christianity. Most church members simply are nothing more than church members. They have never had a first love with Jesus which is more Christianity’s fault as theirs.