From our forums

Our church will have a 24’x12’ room with the door along the 12’ wall that we want to designate as a prayer space/sacred space.  I really don’t want to stuff it with pews.  Anyone have any links to pictures of well designed prayer space.  Three prayer groups of 5-9 people will share it weekly, I don’t think it will ever need more seating than 15.
We have available about 20 well padded fold up chairs as our room is used for other meetings as well as prayer space.  We also have available very large pillows in sets of two (one for the bottom and one for against the wall). A persian-like rug outlines the quiet space.  A small low table is centered on the rug.  A low table (coffee table height) designates the writing area.

What should it be stocked with (CD player/journaling table/icons, etc)?

CD player and lots of quiet music both church and secular.  We find that instrumental works best, then people aren’t caught up with lyrics.  We use seasonal colors for the candle table cloths.  Also have some fun cloths (valentines, St Patricks, July 4th etc.),  We make our own “journals” of about 20 sheets of paper 5×8 with appropriate graphics  throughout.  Also use scripture quotes on prayer and praying throughout.  Always have pens and colored pencils or fine tip markers for those who want to ‘write’ in pictures.  Don’t forget a few  live plants or at least fake ones that look alive.  They can be grouped in different places to highlight a cross, or picture or a scripture quote.

What literature would you suggest?


Books on prayer and praying, poetry. meditations on life and living, picture books (I especially like nature, and find that people’s faces work well for many individuals)  I made a trip to Barnes and Nobles and found many books with pictures and captions that are appropriate.

Are candles too much of a liability?


I place candles in bowls of sand and have a ‘blow all candles out’ as one of the Do Not Forgets.
Any other thoughts?


Wall art that speaks to sprituality.  Ansel Adams prints are moving as are the impressionists.  Good luck.  I think you’ll find it a room that many will take a few moments to enter and take a breath within.

From a Participant

Here is a link to the site for our 24/7 prayer room.
It is a place people can reserve for solo or group prayer.  We are currently trying to man it around the clock until may 15th.


go to and see what Terry Teykl has.  He has pioneered prayer rooms. There is lots of info here, not only about the space but about the nuts and bolts of organizing 24-7 prayer ministry, including 7 weeks of sermon outlines on Tabernackle and prayer. it’s part of a (mostly) young adult almost monastic structure that’s growing in England.