I was talking recently with a friend of mine who is still pastoring a church. Our conversation was focused around a recent meeting he had just endured.  He had been summoned by his superior to take part in a round table discussion on how to stem the decline of the region. He said it was a waste of time. I asked him, ”Why he felt that way.” His response – “No one in the group had ever led a growing church. They were just pooling their ignorance.”

Contrast his experience with one I’ve been having the last 18 months.  I’ve been participating in a church planting think tank made up of twenty-one of the most effective church planters in the U.S. No pooled ignorance in this group, just solid guidance.

Now which group would you prefer?

When I was a pastor, my denomination experimented with a probation period for new clergy. They were assigned to a seasoned pastor and me with them each month for three years.  The problem was most of these “seasoned pastors” had never grown a church so it was the blind leading the blind. I remember one first year clergy I took on my staff I had to debrief her month. I still remember her saying “That is totally opposite than what my coach told me yesterday.”

Folks, a coach can be productive or deadly.  What’s the difference? One has had an effective ministry and one hasn’t.

Studies have shown that the guidance of a seasoned coach, someone who has “been there, done that” is more valuable than gold. Is it any wonder that the vast majority of mega church pastors have a personal coach who can help them see the cobwebs in their ministry? Perhaps it’s time for you to get a coach!

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