The title is misleading. When I first saw it I thought this was another book on some new kind of program to help a church reach out.  A better title is Natural Faith Sharing: One to one evangelism.

Harney takes the position that every person is an evangelist of some sort- baseball, football, a dress, a pair of shoes. He then contends that every Christian should play some part in evangelism at some level. What causes us to participate in evangelism begins in our hearts as we begin to love others. As we become more aware of the depth of love God has for us and the cost of God’s grace to us we naturally begin to love others more.  He shows us how to raise our spiritual temperature by praying for and with lost people as well as spending time with them.

This is an excellent book for both individual and small group study. Each chapter provides personal tools to help in the process of growing ones evangelism spirit.

I like two things about the book

  • It isn’t another 1, 2, 3 program.
  • Harney starts with the heart rather than the head.